Strengthening UAE National Identity in Schools

The Abu Dhabi Education Council has commissioned Razi Education to develop a UAE national identity curriculum for private schools.

The program aims to strengthen national identity by emphasizing the cultural, historical, and geographical knowledge of the UAE among private schools students. This is the first program of its kind to be developed in the region.

Razi Education is leading the development of the entire program alongside key decision makers at ADEC. We have deployed a dedicated team of educators who specialize in cultural education to develop the program, which will include:

  • Curriculum Framework: Nature, scope, and design of the curriculum including subjects, themes, and learning outcomes by grade level.
  • Teachers’ Manual: Detailed detailed lesson plans and activities, organized by subject/theme, for each grade level.
  • Administrators’ Manual: Support for school administrators to effectively implement the program in private schools.
  • Implementation Plan: Rollout process to implement the program in all 180+ private schools across Abu Dhabi.

The program, titled “My Identity”, will be implemented in all Abu Dhabi private schools over a 3 year period beginning in 2014/15.

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