21st Century Teaching & Learning in the Middle East

Razi Education is a global education consulting firm. We develop solutions to boost student achievement in K-12 and Higher Education.

We’ve helped pioneering schools and universities across the Middle East create dynamic student-centred learning environments where students are engaged, learning is relevant, and achievement soars.

Established in 2008, we are the consulting firm of choice for leading educational institutions and ministries of education in the Middle East.

K-12 Schools

K-12 schools in the Middle East are under increasing pressure to improve instructional quality and student performance. New quality standards and school evaluation measures are being put in place to raise school quality to internationally competitive levels.

We help K-12 schools put standards into practice. We work with all stakeholders within the school to identify quality gaps and design solutions to improve instructional quality, enhance the student learning experience, and raise school quality ratings.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities in the Middle East are diverse learning environments that attract faculty and students from all over the world. Creating dynamic student-centred learning environments in such a context is an ongoing challenge for most institutions.

We help post-secondary institutions engage higher education learners and prepare them for the workforce. We work with university leadership, department heads, and faculty members to create 21st century learning environments that drive student success.

Ministries of Education

Education authorities across the Middle East are looking to reform their education systems. With over 300,000 jobs claimed by the education sector in the Gulf alone, meaningful reform is a long and complex process that can easily go off track.

Successful reform requires the right strategy and the right plan. We help education authorities develop and implement proven education reform strategies tailored to their needs and context.

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