We develop societally relevant Islamic and cultural education solutions for institutions all over the world.

Razi specializes in developing Islamic and culturally oriented educational solutions for institutions in government, education, and the private sector. Our solutions integrate the unique religious, cultural, and social landscape that our clients operate in. Based in Toronto, Canada and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we offer solutions to clients in North America, Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East.

Solutions for a Modern Context

We live in unprecedented times. Never before has the world seen the increasing level of interaction between different faiths, cultures, and civilizations occurring today. As the fastest growing religious group, Muslims often find themselves at the centre of this interaction. Not only are Muslim minority populations growing rapidly in the West, Muslim majority countries are also seeing an influx of expatriates from around the globe. In both cases, Muslims find themselves increasingly exposed to new and challenging societal circumstances.

Challenges Facing Institutions

Institutions of all types have begun formulating solutions to these challenges. From developing religious programs for Muslims in the West to training Imams and religious figures in the East, the demand from government and private institutions to deliver quality Islamic educational programs is growing exponentially.

These institutions struggle to find solutions that meet the contextual needs of their users. Existing curriculum and training programs are outdated, often produced in a pre-9/11 environment. They also tend to be generic without considering the distinctive religious, cultural, and social landscape of the institution and its audience.

Contextual Education Solutions

Razi has worked with institutions of all sizes to address the educational challenges posed by a modern context and rapidly changing environment. We enable institutions to quickly and efficiently launch a customized educational program suitable to their needs. We work closely with our clients to deliver a solution that fulfills their purpose and integrates their particular religious, cultural, and social context.

Razi is based in Toronto, Canada and Dubai, UAE.

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