Ahmad Talal Ahdab

President & CEO

Ahmad Talal is co-founder and President & CEO of Razi. He focuses on making critical executive level decisions that enable Razi to provide the highest level of value and service to our clients.

Prior to Razi, Ahmad Talal was President & CEO of InVu Semiconductor, which he founded in 2004. Over the span of his career as a business executive, he held posts at companies such as Jaldi, ATI, Mitel Semiconductor, Silcom Technology, and Cadence Design Systems. He holds a Masters degree in Digital Transmission Techniques from the University of Ottawa.

In addition to his business experience, Ahmad Talal is a well respected Islamic scholar. With over twenty years experience in teaching the Islamic sciences to beginners, senior students, and junior scholars, Ahmad Talal’s expertise lies in extracting solutions to modern problems from Islam’s rich tradition of knowledge and scholarship. In addition to teaching privately, he has lectured on Prophetic Pedagogy and other topics at the University of Toronto.

In his role as President & CEO of Razi, Ahmad Talal cultivates strategic relationships with customers, partners, and other stakeholders worldwide.

Nadeem Memon, PhD

Director of Education

Nadeem is the Director of Education at Razi. He is also a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto and Wilfrid Laurier University. With over twelve years experience in curriculum mapping, program development, and teacher training, Nadeem has worked with the Toronto District School Board, Centennial College, and Al Akhawayn University.

Nadeem has facilitated education conferences, workshops, and symposia for teachers and faculty across North America. As a Research Assistant at the University of Toronto, he conducted work on educational leadership, professional learning communities, and social justice. Nadeem received his doctorate in the History and Philosophy of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. His research focused on teacher education and faculty development, with an emphasis on faith and spiritually based perspectives in education.

At Razi, Nadeem leads Razi’s K-12 Education and Higher Education business units with a team of experienced educators and academics.

Ramzy Ajem

Director of Youth Development

Ramzy is co-founder and Director of Youth Development at Razi. With over ten years experience in teaching and developing curricula, Ramzy has designed and taught educational programs at the University of Toronto, Zayed House for Islamic Culture, Qurba Academy, Kitab Academy, and Dar al-Marifa.

Ramzy’s youth development experience includes his work at Risalah Foundation, where he established the organization’s vision, direction, and institutional objectives. He has developed and delivered several engaging programs for youth across the Middle East and North America.

At Razi, Ramzy oversees a multidisciplinary team of youth development specialists, educators, and researchers. His interests lie in developing engaging programs for youth that inspire learning and identity formation.


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