Faculty Development

Instructional strategies to engage higher education learners and boost student achievement.

Many faculty members lack a foundational understanding of educational theory and knowledge of essential concepts in teaching. Particularly in culturally diverse learning environments, such as international universities in the Middle East, they struggle to incorporate teaching strategies that engage student’s diverse backgrounds.

Foundations of Teaching & Learning
Best Practices in Teaching for Higher Education

By introducing faculty to foundational theories of teaching and learning, you can ensure that all faculty members, regardless of their experience, will share a common approach to instructional practice.

Our faculty development programs introduce faculty members to best practices in teaching, such as student centred and inquiry based approaches, that improve instructional quality, increase student engagement, and improve program effectiveness.

Our programs feature a combination of interactive workshops, case studies, action research, and micro-teaching.

  • Increase faculty confidence in leveraging best practices in teaching
  • Increase student engagement by equipping faculty with dynamic instructional approaches
  • Encourage professional development and continuous learning through reflective practice

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
A Framework for Teaching in Diverse Contexts

By engaging faculty with Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, a research based framework for teaching in diverse learning environments, we train faculty to connect program content to student’s lived experiences.

Through student centred and inquiry based approaches to instruction, faculty members will be equipped to draw out student perspectives and build on them to achieve program learning outcomes.

Faculty members will also also gain a deeper appreciation for local culture and heritage. This will minimize the culture shock that many first time faculty face in the region, as well as reduce turnover rates.

  • Increase student engagement through teaching approaches that build on their lived experiences
  • Increase faculty confidence by providing a research based framework for instruction that improves instructional quality
  • Reduce faculty turnover by fostering an appreciation for local culture and values

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