November 22, 2012

Two-Day Teacher Training at Dar Al Marefa Private School

Razi delivered a two-day teacher training program for over 70 staff members, from all departments, at Dar al Marefa Private School on November 17-18, 2012 in Dubai, UAE.

The program, titled Culturally Relevant Teaching, was designed to help teachers:

  • Understand the complexities and sensitivities of teaching in Dubai
  • Recognize that teaching with cultural relevance improves student achievement
  • Adopt and adapt practical teaching strategies that embody culturally relevant teaching
  • The teachers were split up into two groups for the training: one group for Arabic speakers and another for English speakers.

    After the training was completed, the school’s principal said:

    “A huge thank you on behalf of my team and ourselves for the very beneficial workshops you conducted over the weekend. Better mutual understanding and respect was established at all interaction levels and some teachers were further motivated to create ideas to help and reach out constantly in the areas of creating common understandings and building cultural awareness.”

    Razi Education is a global education consulting firm that develops solutions to boost student achievement in K-12 Schools and Higher Education. Established in 2008, Razi has offices in Dubai, UAE and Toronto, Canada. To learn more about Razi, visit

    Dar Al Marefa is a certified International Baccalaureate private school in Dubai, UAE. They offer bilingual education in Arabic and English with a strong emphasis on local culture and values. To learn more about Dar Al Marefa, visit

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