June 13, 2014

25-Hour Professional Development Courses for Abu Dhabi Private Schools


Razi Education (Razi) has launched a catalogue of 25-hour professional development courses for private schools in Abu Dhabi.

The catalogue contains over 30 courses that meet Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC) 25-hour professional development requirement for private school teachers.

Dr. Nadeem Memon, Director of Education at Razi said: “We designed these courses to help schools fulfill the 25-hour requirement and improve instructional quality in several key areas that are of concern to ADEC.”

“School inspections in Abu Dhabi have raised several pervasive quality issues in private schools. Areas such as student-centred teaching, classroom management, and differentiated instruction have been identified by ADEC as major weaknesses across the system.”

“We put together a catalogue of courses that directly tackles those issues through workshops, coaching, and mentoring to help teachers put ideas into practice.”

Razi offered the 25-hour courses to a pilot group of schools in 2013/14 including Ittihad Private Schools in Abu Dhabi. The courses are now being made available to all Abu Dhabi private schools for the 2014/15 school year.

Maryam Sheikh, a teacher at Ittihad Private Schools who went through one of Razi’s 25-hour courses, said: “The training broadened our minds and helped us improve our teaching. I have improved immensely and my learners have as well.”

Razi Education’s CEO, Ahmad Talal Ahdab, forecasts that this is just the beginning of a wave of changes coming to teacher certification requirements in the region.

“The idea of teacher certification is new here. We have teachers from all over the world with credentials from their native countries. But what makes them qualified to teach in Abu Dhabi or the UAE? That’s where certification requirements, such as the 25-hour requirement enacted by ADEC, are going to be very important.”

Click here to learn more about Razi’s 25-hour professional development courses.

Razi Education is a global education consulting firm that develops solutions to boost student achievement in K-12 Schools and Higher Education. Established in 2008, Razi has offices in Dubai, UAE and Toronto, Canada. To learn more about Razi, visit www.razieducation.com.

Abu Dhabi Education Council was established to develop and support educational institutions and staff to achieve the objectives of national development in accordance with the highest international standards. To learn more about ADEC, visit http://www.adec.ac.ae/.

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