June 19, 2014

Razi CEO Appointed to Board of Directors of Al-Ghurair Group’s Dar Al Marefa School


Ahmad Talal Ahdab, President & CEO of Razi Education, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Dubai-based Dar Al Marefa Private School.

Dar Al Marefa, owned and operated by the Al Ghurair Group, is an International Baccalaureate certified school that offers bilingual instruction in English and Arabic.

Mr. Ahdab is one of four new members appointed to the Board of Directors for 2014/15. He will additionally serve on the board’s Academic Committee responsible for oversight of the school’s academic affairs.

“It is an honour to be appointed to the board of Dar Al Marefa. In addition to being the only bilingual IB school in the UAE, Dar Al Marefa is a pioneering school that has already made tremendous progress in the last few years. We are very excited about the future of the school,” said Mr. Ahdab.

Razi Education is Dar Al Marefa’s school improvement partner. We have been working with the school since 2012 to improve instructional quality, teacher effectiveness, and student learning in all subjects. Our Islamic Education and Cultural Awareness training at Dar Al Marefa has been featured in Dubai City Guide.

Razi Education is a global education consulting firm that develops solutions to boost student achievement in K-12 Schools and Higher Education. Established in 2008, Razi has offices in Dubai, UAE and Toronto, Canada. To learn more about Razi, visit www.razieducation.com.

Dar Al Marefa is a certified International Baccalaureate private school in Dubai, UAE founded by the Al-Ghurair Group. They offer bilingual education in Arabic and English with a strong emphasis on local culture and values. To learn more about Dar Al Marefa, visit http://daralmarefa.ae/.

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