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Build a World-Class Education System

We help ministries of education plan and implement effective national education reform. We apply our wealth of global experience in education to address the most difficult challenges facing education in the Gulf.

Reform Strategy

Reform is a complicated process. There are countless obstacles that can derail efforts, jeopardize success, and bring progress to a grinding halt.

Successful reform requires the right strategy and the right plan. We help education authorities develop and implement proven education reform strategies tailored to their needs and context.

“Education reform is a complicated and lengthy process.”

  • Needs Assessment: Conduct a thorough and on-going assessment of stakeholder needs to inform your strategy and track the progress of reform initiatives.

  • Reform Framework: Build a framework for education reform designed to achieve your national vision and overcome the obstacles to world-class education.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Minimize the risk of reform going off track by continuously tracking progress, monitoring results, and reporting feedback.

Operational Planning

There are many different moving parts in education. Operating entities often have conflicting priorities and agendas that result in wasted time, energy, and resources.

“Conflicting priorities can result in wasted time and resources.”

We work with stakeholders at all levels of the value chain to align priorities, establish strategic plans, and minimize overlapping functions.

  • Agency Audits: Review the operational effectiveness of agencies involved in implementing reform and develop action plans to close operational gaps.

  • Coordination Policy: Align the objectives and priorities of operating entities to ensure all stakeholders are contributing to the reform strategy.

  • Training & Development: Build capacity of agencies, departments, and educational staff through training programs that build core educational competencies.

Education Infrastructure

The success of education reform depends on the quality of key educational infrastructure such as teacher development programs, national curricula, and assessment mechanisms.

“Without the right infrastructure, reform won’t stay on track.”

Successful education reform initiatives include concrete plans to develop each of these areas, monitor their progress, and ensure they’re aligned with reform objectives.

  • Teacher Development & Certification: Develop teacher capacity through professional development and certification programs that build core competencies in teaching.

  • Curricula & Learning Outcomes: Review and revise curricula to exceed international standards and ensure your vision for human development is achieved.

  • Assessment & Performance Measurement: Ensure teaching and learning initiatives are on track through fine-tuned assessment and performance measurement that involves all stakeholders.

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