Youth Development

Inspiring youth to become confident young leaders.

We develop engaging extra-curricular programs for youth that build critical life skills and inspire leadership. Our programs feature a fun and engaging environment where youth are comfortable, inspired to learn, and eager to engage.

Identity & Values

Youth in the Middle East face challenges to their identity and values that previous generations never faced. They struggle to maintain a connection with their culture and heritage. And they’re easily swayed by competing ideals.

We develop programs that connect youth to their rich heritage. By engaging youth with their history, beliefs, and values — they develop confidence in their identity and values that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Leadership & Life Skills

The demands of higher education and employment require youth to develop critical life skills before embarking on post-secondary education. Many youth struggle when they enter university because those skills weren’t developed in elementary and high school.

Our youth development programs cultivate the skills youth need to become leaders. We provide hand-on opportunities to build critical life skills such as responsibility, independence, problem-solving, and accountability.

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